Marketing & Distribution Strength


We consider our marketing and distribution strengths as one of the important factor contributing to our business growth. We understand the needs of clients given our long association with the industry. Our customers belong to industry place a great deal of trust in us as we are able to fulfill their needs through supply of stones of excellent make in calibrated sizes (measured in millimeters). Over past decade, we extended our reach to 10 such traditional jewellers who are now doing regular business with us. All our top executives at different centers are stationed there since the inception of various offices due to which they possess tremendous understanding about the local markets.

Marketing strengths

Consistent quality and Wide range of assortments and shades
Ability to cater large orders
Timely delivery
Our service offering comprising of customized assortment, just-in-time delivery, bagging & fluting, re-assortment, re-cutting, products samples, updating customers on stock status, after sales repairing, technical assistance, training to buyers, on demand certification etc.
Product promotion through lucrative advertisements in trade journals, newspapers and hoardings
Elegant display of jewellery at showroom
Qualified marketing team having great exposure in the field of sales and marketing.
Web based sales tools to market our products online
Product broachers covering latest designs of products.
Co-marketing with our customers and marketing associates.
Our initiatives to promote awareness amongst consumers about selection of diamonds/jewellery.
Competent product design team consisting of designers, technicians and marketing experts to explore new innovative designs.

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