Services offered in diamond jewellery

Once the jewellery concept has been accepted, we provide the retailer a package of support services which are managed by the regional offices either in India or USA. These services are essential to assist retailers in their operational/promotional activities and product support

Product support Services

Product Warranty

All our jewellery is guaranteed and covered by a full product warranty giving retailers’ additional confidence.


We offer a full, free repair service for any damaged jewellery.

Laboratory certification

We offer internationally recognized certification for all diamond jewellery pieces.


As requested from the retailer for promotional purposes or at a consumer’s request.


Our factory creates bespoke jewellery pieces for retailers’ promotional events, or consumer orders from existing collections in a different specification. The design team tailor designs to fit price points by altering gold weight, diamond size/clarity and settings.


We give retailers exclusive collections when required to drive store demand. We also offer regional exclusivity for any design in our collections.

Diamond Quality Options

Retailers can extend our collections to include varying quality stones and price points in order to drive additional incremental sales. In India retailers can choose from 8 diamond qualities in each design.

In-house Software

Our unique online software package, created in-house, enables customers to tailor their order based on budget. They may view carat weights, clarities and metals by entering the SKU code, immediately providing them with updated diamond/metal prices for efficient ordering.

Centre stones

We offer extensive options for centre stones for bridal ring pieces, these may also be selected using our online diamond inventory.

Ethical Sourcing guarantee

All our diamond and Jewellery products carry our ethical sourcing guarantee. We welcome independent audits by retailers to ensure we comply with their own high standards.

Operational Services

Supply Guarantee

Our sales executives agree supply program with the retailer to ensure timely and smooth delivery of product.

Fixed Pricing

In order for the retailer to produce brochures and seasonal sales promotions, we fix prices for up to 6 months.

Customer QC in our production units

To ensure timely delivery and attention to maintaining strict quality control, representatives of the retailers have their own quality control team members in our factory to facilitate inspection and immediate dispatch.

Tagging /Packaging

As part of our sales concept we present jewellery in high quality boxes and packaging carrying the retailers’ selling prices, enabling them to present our products directly to the consumer.

Short term credit

To our most valuable and important retailers we offer a short term credit facility up to 4 months.

Buy back

If a particular element of a collection is performing more slowly than forecast we offer to buy back the product. This maintains effective flow of inventory and cash flow.

Test Memo

We offer a test memo program for retailers wishing to expand on an existing collection.

Product sales Analysis

Our retailers give us access to their sales statistics; our teams can study sales and product trends and future requirements for the retailer.

Buffer stocks

We maintain a stock of both suitable diamond stock and jewellery pieces in order to respond quickly to increased retail requirements.

Direct store replenishment

We ship direct to any customer retail location, at no additional cost.

Online Order Tracking

Retailers can track orders and account details on our website.

Co-op marketing

We enter into coop marketing activity with our retail partners to a maximum of 6% of sales. This supports the impactful marketing campaigns behind our jewellery collections and drives consumer demand in stores.

Flyers, Brochures

Our creative and marketing executives work with retailers to create and supply them with Flyers, in store brochures, display counters and POS materials. This is a valuable addition to the promotional activity of the stores and assures us that collections are backed with appropriate quality and accurate advertising material.

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