The Groups has its jewellery manufacturing units based in Surat and Mumbai. The manufacturing set up extends to 100,000 sq. ft. of area based in Mumbai. We design products closely with our retailers based on regional taste. Workers employed at jewellery factories are highly skilled to produce consistent high quality jewellery articles. The jewellery manufacturing units are equipped with the latest technologies to produce high quality goods in bulk quantities.

Within the US and Indian market, our manufacturing capabilities depend on certain key features:

Our innovative and appealing jewellery product line
The scale and diversity of our jewellery manufacturing at a volume
Our diamond sourcing capabilities
Our understanding of the supply/demand equation
Our ability to identify opportunities at both client and consumer levels

We have designed scientific collaborative model for exploring new product design, Which is as below:

New Product Conceptualization > Client's feedback > Design Changes > Model Making > Live Piece Generation > Test Memo > Sales Evaluation > Customer Response > Large & Consistent Orders.

Designing Excellence: The design team constantly conceptualize new designs around reinterpreting proven classic themes incorporating current fashion trends or introducing new complimentary designs to refresh existing collections so as to extend consumer choice and appeal. The designs are being selected producing coherent, complimentary pieces that have attracted a new customer base.

To ensure timely delivery and attention to maintaining strict quality control, representatives of the retailers have their own quality control team members in our factory to facilitate inspection and immediate dispatch.

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