Our USA product offering is focused on Bridal rings. Bridal products developed for US market comprise 0.01-0.30 pointer white round brilliant cut diamonds ranging from VS-SI clarity in a full colour range, studded in 18k gold.

In India 70% of sales are in bridal/festival collections featuring mainly highend necklaces and bangles utilising 0.005–0.14 pointers round brilliant cut diamonds ranging from VVS-VS clarity in D-H colours These collections are developed annually to maintain consumer appeal and launched during major International Trade Shows.

Our Indian collections are set in 18k or 22k gold highlighting craftsmanship and product quality. The remaining 30% of sales are collections designed to appeal to young, sophisticated customers looking for something special. E.g. our designers like to experiment with unusual juxtaposition of materials and setting, creating diamond intensive designs likely to intrigue and delight those customers looking for something different and individual.

Our sales to US and Indian markets use three distinct placement models.

In-store display counters: Our collections feature their own designated and exclusive in-store counter, usually in each of the retail outlets.
Order based retail placement: In this model, following the initial orders, retailers replenish pieces though their dedicated Sanghavi sales contact.
Our extensive catalogue ordering system features our annual collection and is circulated to our extensive customer base.

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