Services offered in Polish diamond distribution

Services offered to Jewelry Manufacturer

Consistent Assortment

Sanghavi has maintained consistent assortment numbers across all marketing offices over many years. Our consistent tailor-made assortments allow our customers to place reorders based purely on our assortment numbers with full confidence. Our assortment numbers also corresponds to international grading which helps the new customers who are not familiar with our assortment numbers.

Fluting, Bagging & Matching

Sizing is an important service that we offer to our customers. Customers have requirements of particular qualities in specific sizes. Fluting and bagging is another important element of service. For many of these customers we handpick pieces based on their jewellery designs and put it in small bags. Often this exercise might involve handling more than 100 small bags for one consignment. Precision matching is also an important service that we give to our clients in which assorters select identical diamonds ready to be set in jewellery pieces. This saves our customers lot of time and effort. For few customers we provide tailor made assortments to address their highly customized diamond requirements. This back office support is highly valued.

Inventory related services

On request we send goods for review on Short term approval. This enables our customers to evaluate the goods and then either confirm purchase or return the goods within five days. We also cover the insurance and freight. This has proven to be a successful service for both our customers and us. We send more than 60 such shipments everyday across America. We have invested $100,000 in last three years to develop our computerized inventory management system in India . This enables us to track the entire polished inventory between Mumbai office and Surat manufacturing factory. Mumbai then provides the inventory information to all the marketing offices which are using popular tracking software to enable efficient business planning. They also have powerful CRM linked with their inventory management system so that buying history of each customer can be analyzed.

Follow-up Services

Our clients have their own commitments with their customers and hence we manage the inventory so that we can supply goods to them on specific delivery dates. Each customer has an Account Manager assigned to them so that they can communicate to a single point in contact. 11 Account Managers in New York office are handling various key accounts.

Delivery Services

Most of the Jewellery Manufacturers operate in India, China, Hong Kong and US, hence our long presence in these centres has made us more accessible to new customers. Having a broad client base makes it a very complex task to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers across the world. There are dedicated Delivery Managers in each marketing office. If the customer is close to our office our employee will personally deliver the goods at their desk. In case of urgent orders within the national boundary of each office we provide a guaranteed overnight delivery. We bear premium charges for such deliveries and this extra service to our customers ensures quick delivery. For some clients we directly ship the parcel to their manufacturing centres in other countries.

Price and Supply Guarantee

We offer guaranteed pricing which allows our customer to lock the prices for a fixed period of time. We commit them for assured supply of goods on the decided price. This requires us to maintain stocks for our regular customers and at times to purchase certain articles from the market in advance even at a premium. In this respect we also share a lot of market knowledge with our clients with respect to availability and price trends.

Consultation & Support

During recession and recently with rapidly rising rough prices some Jewellery Manufacturers were looking for alternative polished options. Our customers have frequent discussions with the Account Managers whose guidance has been extremely beneficial. We also provide suggestions to our regular customers about using a particular type, quality or sizes based on the price fluctuations. Our customers also come to us with fixed price assortment requirement when they will ask us to prepare assortment within their given price range even with changing proportion of different articles. We provide a polished price list to our customers so they can also make informed decisions on future product lines and strategy. To some small scale jewellery manufacturers we offer Short term credit facility to cover the lead time needed to produce and market their jewellery. This assists them significantly and ties them into Sanghavi long after their business has grown and the credit facility has been withdrawn. To some customers we offer a buy back service for their unsold inventory which is then consumed within our customer base. Each month we send them “Account Statements” to help them track their payment due dates and purchase history.

Ethical Practices Guarantee

Being a prestigious market player fully compliant to Industry Best Practices, we provide guarantees of ethical sourcing to our customers adding credibility to their business. Our inventory tracking systems also enables us to provide exact information about the source of the diamonds ensuring pipeline integrity.

Grading and certification

Grading and certification services are offered to all the customers on demand. We guarantee the grading of the diamonds they will receive even after setting in the jewellery.

Services offered to Retailers and Stores

Price guarantee program

We provide our customers the facility to lock prices for agreed periods. Many clients have benefited with this facility as they can honour their retail price-points for the entire season and plan sales promotion based on it. On the other hand with some of these customers we have supply relationship where they are shipped with a specific quantity of goods every month on a pre-decided schedule.

Inventory Services

We carry full spectrum of goods in Whites and White Naats in each of our offices. We also maintain appropriate inventory in each of these Assortments so that we can fulfill orders from our customers. This helps our customers to review the goods and receive delivery in the shortest lead time. Retailers create new design with the selected range of diamonds for their upcoming seasonal collection. We give them assurance of supply in terms of volume and delivery during the entire season.

Precision Matching

We believe that assortment services such as grading, sizing, matching and flutting are important for retailers. Their designs often require multiple stones of different sizes so instead of giving them several packets of different assortments we prepare small packets of handpicked diamonds according to the design.

First the diamonds are perfectly graded as per the quality ordered by customers and then they are sized precisely in order to achieve perfectly matched sizes. Next the stones are matched for lustre. The final stone “sets” are then weighed in order to meet the exact weight requirements for each jewellery piece. These are then bagged separately ready for the customer. Some orders require hundreds of these bags, but this service is of great benefit and allows us to capture additional value while saving the customer time and sorting capacity. This precision matching creates calibrated parcels so that each piece of jewellery is identical.


Retailer customers may need very specific sizes within the industry standard sieve range. For example in a bangle design a retailer may require only 6-6.5 range from the standard range of 2-6.5. We offer them such narrow sieve range without being worried about the remainder assortment because we have been users for them.

Delivery services

Whether in tier-II cities of India or in the heart of New York these retailers usually prefer to carry low diamond inventory and place orders in response to specific demand. We provide extremely fast delivery on orders so they can replenish their showrooms with new jewellery as quickly as possible. Once the goods are approved by the retailers we provide a 24 hour supply guarantee to them. This supply can be to their manufacturing units or at times to their retail outlets where they have a small unit to set these diamonds in the pre-casted jewellery. An Account manager is assigned to each customer who is their single point of contact and is also accountable for any assistance they might require.

Over the years the senior management has spent hours with each of the new sales employee to train them on our service levels. Account managers are responsible for following up on the delivery status of their customer’s consignment. When the goods are dispatched they assume responsibility for parcels reaching their desired location before committed timelines.

Co-op activities

In the fast growing markets such as India and China we strive to gain exclusivity of supply. In return we offer to participate in joint promotional activities as partners. This is valuable to us in that we develop closer relationships with the retailers in these developing markets and benefits the retailer who can create more impactful campaigns to drive consumer demand.

Sharing Market Knowledge with Customers

Many customer of this segment are not updated on loose diamond availability and polished price trends because they are focused more on the creative aspects of jewellery design and retailing. Before every season we send them samples of different qualities along with prices for the pieces they are developing. They check the samples and decide which categories they are going to use for the next season.

These retailers run huge advertising campaigns on their collections to drive consumer demand. In this respect they rely on us to guide them with regard to future availabilities and which goods are best suited to meet their jewellery requirements. In this way they can manage their cost per piece by using alternative goods where necessary. They can also adjust production plans in a way that avoids paying uneconomic prices on polished created through shortages.

Services to online customers

Services to our online retail customers have many different aspects. We have supply contracts with them where we assure availability of our inventory displayed on their web portal. Everyday our representative will review the demand on the website and update the inventory.

Extensive details and high resolution images of solitaires are provided to the customers so that they can upload it on their website with product description.

The delivery service to these clients follows the “dropship” model . We pack the goods along with the certificates and supporting documents in boxes before shipping them on behalf of our client to the purchaser’s address along with their tag.

Other services

As the retailers requirements are met on a frequent basis to feed their sales demand our Account managers provide them with regular statement of their accounts so that they are aware of their payment schedule. Our reports also help them track their cost analysis as they compare their expenses in polished goods.

Many retailers ask us to provide Diamond certificates from different issuing authorities which are recognized in their local markets which we provide to them when required. We also have buy-back policy in place where we help our most valued customers by taking back unsold inventory.

To a few small retailers short term credit is extended on demand to cover the lead time needed to market their jewellery. From our New York office goods are also provided on short term approval basis to some customers if they wish to review a new type of goods. Pipeline integrity and Ethical sourcing guarantee is also provided to retailers adding credibility to their products.

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