We recognize experience of 20 years in diamond manufacturing operations as our most notable strength. We have specialized skill to process cleavable stones to ensure highest possible yield. We consider our human resource as the most valuable assets. Workers employed at diamond factories are highly skilled to produce consistent high quality diamonds. Sanghavi has also established itself as one of the largest manufacturers in the world of small diamonds (below 30 pointers). Our manufacturing operation has seen significant investment over the years and highly skilled workforce in order to create a technical edge in our production. In employing manufacturing technology, all the potential risks had been evaluated meticulously. To hedge against the obsolescence risk, multiple technologies are simultaneously used. As a highlight of our manufacturing excellence, some aspects have been discussed below:


Planning is the backbone of whole manufacturing process. Expertise of the workers is invaluable in this stage and decisions are made based on their many years of skill coupled with state-of-the-art machinery. We are among a few companies to do planning not only in terms of the weight of the diamond but also considering the diameter of the stone. This allows us to produce polish which falls under precise sieve ranges.

Stringent Quality Control Process:

We have stringent quality control in place to ensure highest quality standards as enumerated below;

Level 1: Worker is informed about his responsibilities related to the expected quality parameters which are continuously checked by the process managers.
Level 2: Quality control happens at a centralized QC department. This department carries out a check again for each stone.
Level 3: For polished diamonds above 7 points, each of the stone is checked using polished analyzer and records are maintained on the system.
Level 4: Reports generation & analysis by the HOD.
Inventory Management:

The Central Rough Department (CRD) is the center of our inventory flow. A unique identification code is generated at this stage to facilitate smooth tracking of every diamond.

Training & Development:

Series of on-the-job training on the shop-floor + class room training through extensive training material developed by our experienced team.

Security & Safety:

160 CCTV cameras with recording facility, robust surveillance room, round the clock security guards and RFID technology based access control systems are in place across the factories to track each movement of the goods & people within the factory. The process of stock tallying which is done at the end of every day further ensures that the security of goods. For the safety of workers and staff we conduct regular safety training.

Research & Development:

The Group is always amongst the top to explore new machines or technology. Many prototypes of diamond planning machines have been tested in our premises.

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