Responsible business practices:

We are committed to upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct in the industry, including the Diamond Trading Company’s Best Practice Principles. As a recognized global leader, we take our role in securing the reputation of the industry very seriously, and encourage our business partners to do the same. We guarantee all of our diamonds are entirely natural, untreated products, and their characteristics are represented accurately both to trade customers and consumers. We provide the highest standards of working conditions, and place great importance on ensuring the health, safety and comfort of our workers. Throughout our business we endeavor to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. Our efforts range from installing innovative ‘greener’ technologies in our factories, to encouraging our employees to incorporate energy‐conserving habits into their daily routines. We have transparent and fully auditable business processes and reporting practices.

100% guaranteed conflict-free diamond policy:

Every single diamond we sell comes with the guarantee that it is 100% ‘conflict free’. We are active supporters and promoters of the Kimberley Process, the industry‐wide initiative to wipe out the trade of diamonds to fund conflict in war‐torn regions. Every diamond transaction we make is in the strictest accordance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Our diamonds are all purchased from verified sources that have no involvement with conflict, terrorism or illicit trade activity, including money laundering.

Other Contribution to Society:
The group is engaged in imparting education to society through various educational programmes
Financial and other assistance to victims of floods in 2004.
Financial Contribution To Mahavir Health & Medical Relief society (currently heart patients of south Gujarat are getting benefit from it).
Financial Contribution to "Akhil Bhartiya Sanskruti Rakshak Dal"- Surat. (Free Computer training Classes are being conducted for children from it).
Financial Contribution in Citi Development of 'Palitana', which is one of the biggest holy place of 'Jainism' through "Shubh Mangal Foundation- Surat" (Mr. Chandrakant Sanghavi is President of this foundation).
Financial Contribution in publication & distribution of many Books (category: Social, Religious & Human Development).
Continuous financial contribution to Shree Juna Deesa Mahajan Panjra Pol (Shelter), Deesa (Banaskantha) is engaged in providing different kind of facilities to farm animals. Juna Deesa shelters rescue, rehabilitate and provide lifelong care for animals that have been rescued from slaughterhouses and cruelty cases. Here, the animals are given all the care and love needed to recover from abuse and neglect. All the facilities for these animals like Doctors, Medicine and Hygienic water, nutritious foods etc. are provided. When any natural calamity occurs & people leave these animals in dark, Deesa Panjara Pole takes care of these animals by bringing them to this Panjara Pole (Shelter).
Has built up "R.K. Sanghavi School" in Deesa (Dist. Banaskantha).

Major contribution to "Presidency School, Surat". (Currently educating 3500 students)
Mr. Chandrakant Sanghavi (Chairman of Group) has been Initiator to eliminate the problem of Child Labour from Diamond Industry of Gujarat under the banner of GJEPC. Also organized a successful Child Labour Awareness Programmes at various cities like, Surat, Ahmedabad, and Palanpur & Bhavnagar together with the local diamond associations.
He Organized a T.B. Camp for artisans in Diamond Industry. He has assisted Govt. Officials in helping out the people affected by the plague under the banner of GJEPC &organized a camp to help people affected by the communal violence, plague, & flood in association with Jain Social Organizations.
Time to time, the Group organizes blood donation camps/health awareness program for the Society.

On Rapaport:
Sanghavi Exports Organizes Annual Blood Donor Camp

Donation of Rs. 11 lakhs to “Traffic Education Trust”, Surat. The main purpose of the Trust is to provide smooth management & awareness among Public for Traffic and to assist Police Department to maintain 'Law and Order' & to prevent Crime. The Given fund is being utilized in a CCTV Project (SAFE-SURAT ) to install approx. 5000 CC Cameras throughout the Surat City.

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