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Sanghavi Exports International Pvt. Ltd & Group of Companies (hereinafter referred as “The Group”) is one of the leading diamond and jewellery Group. Established in 1973 by the endeavor of four Sanghavi brothers with a vision of “To live up to a diamond by enhancing value for our suppliers, customers & other stakeholders through best business practices, excellent products & un-parallel services. "

Over a period of 40 years, we established ourselves as one of the leading industry player engaged in manufacturing & distribution of polished diamonds and diamonds studded jewellery across the world. During the last three decades, the Group has evolved from a traditional trading firm to a fully integrated business house extending reach across the diamond supply chain from rough purchase to diamond polishing and jewellery manufacturing backed by a fully integrated distribution channel. The Group has over the years, built a strong foundation that gives the strength to overcome challenges and conviction to convert possibilities into realities. The Group symbolizes commitment and unmatched passion in pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.

We retain complete focus over diamond& jewellery business and expanded it over a period of time rather than diversifying our interest to other businesses. The Group was amongst the few players to identify critical services within each of the world’s leading markets and created capabilities to deliver them locally. For example, in New York, which contributes to 30% of our diamond sales, we identified a market that was both price and time sensitive and merely having an office would not be enough to sustain growth. We therefore put in place an entire “eco system” to service this market at a considerable investment. Our vision was not just to be suppliers to overseas diamonds traders but to reach further down the diamond pipeline. Therefore we have gradually expanded our business to all major jewellery manufacturing centers. For over 20 years we are having sales offices or Distribution channel across the global leading diamond & jewellery trading hubs including Mumbai, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Japan and UAE.

Our strength to produce high quality small diamonds in large quantity consistently over a period of time has enabled us to achieve economies of scale as compared to other manufacturers. We offer more than 200 assortments. We have been able to create high recall of our products due to precision in cut, varieties in assortment, superior quality and service offerings. We are into Jewellery business to add more value to rough diamonds throughout the pipeline. We entered into Jewellery manufacturing first in the year 1994 with a set-up jewellery manufacturing unit in Mumbai. The Group has five production facilities in Surat and Mumbai engaged in diamond and jewellery manufacturing occupying more than 2.5 lakh square feet of area. The company has made significant investments in these production facilities, engaging over 2800 employees directly.

Our Competitive Advantages

Large Experience


The Group is into diamonds industry from last 40 years, being one of oldest player our valuable experience help us to developed capabilities, gained functional excellence and a deep knowledge.

strong distribution strength


manufacturing capability


vertically integration


Strong financials


Amongst Top in USA

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